Timothy Zwitser

Rotterdam, mai 2016

The work of Timothy Zwitser explores and utilizes natural phenomena in order to capture an authentic (sensory) experience. It is reminiscent of a more primordial time; one of connection with our natural environment through prolongued observation and attention. While the visual appearance of his works often reminds us of modernist and abstract painting, it is his emotional awareness in combination with a use of new technologies that propel the work into the contemporary, making visible a place that is too often overlooked in the murmur of everyday life.

Malou has a fresh and authentic style and more so; is capable of being versatile, inquisitive, open to learning new techniques and very attentitive. Something I rarily experience when working with graphic designers. On top of that she offers a total package of design and development. Most importantly; It’s fun working with her. Timothy Zwitser

Artist, Timothy Zwitser